Service Details

Interior Design

Let Inspired Design IDS, LLC transform your space using the furniture and decor you already own. Patricia has a unique ability to identify and maximize a room’s potential by finding value in items you already own from furniture hidden in another room to family treasures.

  • Technical Drafting
  • Functional space planning and design
  • 3D Visualization
  • Trade Purchasing
  • Fabric and furniture selection
  • Budget Administration


Tired of imagining what a room might look like after renovations are complete? Inspired Design uses computer technology to replicate rooms and demonstrate exactly how a space will look with new floors, furniture or light.

No more straining to what isn’t there. Computer rendering simplifies the design process and allows the team to more quickly gage what resonates with clients.

New Construction

Our team starts by creating a schematic design plan on paper. This design includes a floor plan with sizes and furniture layout, one section cut through and the front elevation. Visualizing your new home from a floor plan can be difficult. Inspired Design IDS LLC, can produce realistic renderings of your interior and exterior spaces so you can experience your new area before it is constructed. This valuable tool can reduce costly changes during construction.

Complete Color Analysis

Color has a great impact on our emotions and our working habits. Colors are extremely important in a home, office or retail setting. Determining the best color scheme for your home or business is not an easy task.A color rendering is a three dimensional drawing of the space showing the proposed colors.There are certain variables to consider:

  • Size of space and the Complexity of color scheme in relation to layout.
  • Are you only looking for paint color selections?
  • Do you need and entire color scheme including flooring, works surfaces, etc?
  • Give us a call to answer your inquiries.